Domingo, 11 de Dezembro de 2011



This blog will be closed, thank you all who have read me :)


Grüß aus München,



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Sábado, 17 de Setembro de 2011

Oktoberfest 2011

Welcome to Oktoberfest 2011 in Munich!
Have a nice time and... prost {#emotions_dlg.blink}
Grüße aus München,

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Terça-feira, 26 de Julho de 2011

Hi again

Living in Munich is so a fantastic experience, everybody knows that... at least from the moment you have tried it! But you need to know, also... the other side of the story: you have so many opportunities to make so different things in town that you easy overdue your free time and so you stop writing (for example on your blogs).

I love my blogs, I surely do! But, I must confess... I was born on the 70´s, my childhood was during the 80´s and I was teenager during 90´s. I should love the new technologies and things like that, and in one certain way I do! But is not passion... I still prefer to read a good book, but a real one... not an electronic one... I still prefer to live my life, without telling the world every step I made on the Facebook or twitter or something like that. I still love not to use my computer when I come home... I still prefer to right with pencil on my note book... and with that I mean, to right with a real wood pencil on real paper notebook.

I like to read other blogs, I really admire the time other people have to write so much and so oft... Perhaps I do also have that time! But I really do prefer to use it in other ways... Probably you are already thinking I´m old fashioned girl. Perhaps I am. But I´m proud of myself and I like the way I am!

Today is finally a sunny day here in Munich! This year the summer has left Germany behind... because when you see the weather map all Europe has good weather, Germany don´t...


And talking about the weather, are you guys going on Vacations this year. If yes where? If don´t... join the club! If you are not having any free time this year for relax and getting a tan, try to use your free time at the weekend and after work. Maybe if you spend less time in front of your computer you are certainly not read this text, but at least you are going to have the opportunity to feel the sun on your skin and having a good time.

Ok, if don´t like to lie on the sun and be at the strand (I 'do love it, believe me!!), try to do different things... like listening your favorite CD, take a walk with your dog, have some nice time with your real friends (not the virtual ones). I don´t know, there is so many things you can do to have a nice time... Yes, I know some more "nice" things you can do to have a nice time, but this is a "familiar" blog ;-)


I´ve already wrote 467 words on this text, I´m going to try to reach the 500. And after that I leave you guys... I hope I have the time to come here soon.


I wish all a great Summer´11!


Grüß aus München,


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Domingo, 17 de Abril de 2011

Sunday morning (III)


Ok, it seems already very monotonous... I know! But listen Carlos Paiao is like start eating chocolats {#emotions_dlg.blink} You are not be able to stop it...


Grüß aus München,


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Sunday morning (II)


And keep dreaming...


Grüß aus München,


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Sunday morning


And because today is Sunday...  A song to remember and dream about... Have FUN!


Grüß aus München,



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Sábado, 9 de Abril de 2011



After a long time... I´ve found today this trailler on Youtube... so many memories were there again! But the past is so far away... that I´ve almost forgot it!! Not all my past, but some of my memories are and should be on a "extra department" with the intention to be never lived again!!


Grüß aus München,



P.S: and the day today was so amazing {}


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Segunda-feira, 4 de Abril de 2011

One Year Later

One year later… here I’m again! I must say that I’m not really proud of myself with what I’ve done with this blog during this period of time… but I’m surely HAPPY!!


The reason why I’ve didn’t wrote so much as I wanted to on this blog, it because I’ vent the time for that! I know, I know… I’m a woman! And so I’m multitasking!! But my day as only 24 hours as yours, and then it is sometimes… not enough!!


One year later, I’m here writing to you in English! And the must people, would be thinking: “Why English? Why not Portuguese? I don’t understand a thing…”. I must say… your problem, not mine!! And why I said that? As you already know I’m living inMunich! As I here come (for a long time ago…) I’ve realized that the must people here (German people!!) doesn’t speak English!! I was astonished! How could it be?Munich, a International city with lot’s of different cultures living here… and there is people who doesn’t speak English!?

After while I’ve realized that I really needed to learn German and that was what I’ve done  

I’m really proud of myself about that! I know that my German is not perfect, but it is very nice! Believe me or not there were already some people who asked me: “Did you have been born here? Did you have spent your life always onGermany? Your German is so good!”. And that makes me proud!!


But I was explaining the reason why I’m writing in English…


As soon as I arrived here and started to live inGermany, I start being prouder and prouder of us Portuguese people! YES, I’m proud! Because we know English! We are able to watch a movie with subtitles and we learn a lot with that!

Thanks God not all the German people are so, but the most… they only speak German… and they only want to speak German! For example, a German Tourist goes for a holiday inPortugal (obviously Faro..)and he waits that all the people speaks German… if don’t they’ll be on shock and they’ll prefer spend the next summer holidays onMallorca, because there are more German people as Spanish…


Please note: I love German people! I just don’t understand the reason why they are so stubborn to learn new languages!


Ahead… one year later here I’m again! And from now on I’ll try to write all my posts on English! There are a lot of reasons for that, and one of them is because I want to improve my English!

There is also another reason… and this is to you Virve! I don’t want no more excuses to not read my blog  

I have some friends that only speak German and/or English with me and so they could start to read my blog from now on…


Who knows I will change the name of the blog to: “Munich Chronics” or “Chronicle of Munich” it sounds maybe better… or what you guys think?


One year later… there is not “Easter Sunday”… there is the worst day on the week… MONDAY!! I’ve been working all day… but I really wanted to celebrate this day with my Friends!

So here I’m… now in English version! I hope you guys like it. Who knows in one year later… I’ll start to write “auf deutsh” or maybe not… because I’m sure that some people understands English… but German is a little more difficult. But who knows… there could be the way, to you guys start to love this “new” language?...


Please be Welcome on my Blog and celebrate with me this 1st anniversary of “Crónicas de Munique”.

See you…


Grüß aus München,



P.S: Yes, “Grüß aus München” still remains! And I know… that is German

P.P.S: Don’t be afraid… on the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” I’ll still continue to write… and not always in English!





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Quarta-feira, 23 de Março de 2011

After a hard day work...

First... a buble bath!



 And at the end...


Grüß aus München,


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Domingo, 20 de Março de 2011

Vitali vs Solis



Ontem á noite esperava Eu poder assistir a um campeonato de Boxe que prometia muito para TUDO acabar... em 3minutos!! Público desiludido, Eu á gargalhada e tb desiludida... mas aquilo foi uma brincadeira de miúdos ou que fantochada foi aquela??


Grüß aus München,


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